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markus korn markus.korn at
Thu Mar 27 23:34:05 GMT 2008

>  Me again :)
>  Posted a question regarding a similar issue, but didn't know I can't
>  subscribe people to questions (yet):
>  Daniel, may you have a look please? Thanks a lot,
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without knowing the code which creates the stats-page, i think I know
what causes this diff:
  1.)  about 10 bugs in Kjell's list are private, like 176450.
  2.) ~30 bugs in his list have more than one task, so e.g. getting
the status of such an bug raises an AttributeError in py-lp-bugs
("There is no row of the info-table linked to this bugreport")

There is a diff between the number of bugs in the data file and the
number of bugs on the stats page for almost all people.


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