markus korn thekorn at
Mon Mar 17 16:56:00 GMT 2008

Hi Everybody,
I recently created a new project call 'hugday-tools' [0] to simplify
participation on ubuntu hug days.

There a currently a few tools available:
  * 'hugday list-days' - returns a list of all hugdays
  * 'hugday list' - returns a list of bugs for the current hugday
  * 'hugday close <bugnr>' - mark the given bug as closed on the

Let me give you a briefer introduction on how to use this tools:

First of all, get the current version from launchpad:
  $ bzr branch lp:hugday-tools
  $ cd hugday-tools
You also need to install 'python-libxml2'.

If you are interested in a list of all hug days ever announced run:
  $ ./hugday list-days

To get a list of all bugs of the last announced hug day run
  $ ./hugday list
You can filter the list by open/done bugs:
  $ ./hugday list --filter open
  $ ./hugday list --filter done
You might be interested in a former hug day, run
  $ ./hugday list --day 20080228
to get a list of all bugs for 28th february 2008.
If there was also a hug day for KDE you can use the '--category' switch:
  $ ./hugday list --day 20080313 --category kde

So far we did not change anythink on the wiki-page, lets mark some bugs
as done. First you have to create a config file (~/.hugday_config) with
your user name and your moin-id. 'hugday init' creates this file for
you, just run:
  $ ./hugday init --email=<email> --password=<password>
where <password> and <email> are your login data. You
can add "--user foobar" to change the name shown in the 'Triager' column
from your to 'foobar'.
As a side note, it is also possible to extract your moin-id out of a
mozilla cookie-file (tested with epiphany, FF2 and FF3):
  $ ./hugday init --cookie=path/to/cookie --user=thekorn

To mark a bug as triaged you can run:
  $ ./hugday close 123456
Or to mark a set of bugs:
  $ ./hugday close 123456 2345 89659

My next idea is to create an applet similar to the five-a-day-applet.

I hope this tools are useful, if you have any ideas, suggestions or you
find any bugs, feel free to ping me.



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