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Sat Jun 28 10:54:18 BST 2008

As you can see in the list of bugs that need to be forwarded upstream[1]
there are a lot of bugs that are still just reported in Launchpad. But
this list contains just bugs where someone pressed on +project or
+distribution without entering an URL or email address. However, there
are loads and loads of bugs that need to be forwarded upstream, but
don't have such an empty bugwatch attached to them. 
When we want to make the bug reports useful, we not only have to triage
the bugs correctly, but also make sure that they reach the upstream
This is a big task and too few people are doing it. What need to be
done, according to me, is to create a set of packages that need to be
monitored and checked for confirmed and triaged bugs and create some
clearer policies(e.g. create bugwatches for all bug reports you can
find, including other distributions? How do you write the upstream
summary?). A subteam consisting of people dedicated to forwarding
upstream and assigned so specific packages(or upstream bug trackers)
look out for bugs ready to be reported upstream. 

What do you think?


Sense Hofstede
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