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Brian Murray brian at
Sat Jun 21 01:16:59 BST 2008

When looking at a bug report with attachments it is hard to identify
which ones are flagged as patches.  It's also possible that someone's
'dmesg.log' file is flagged as an attachment and you wouldn't know it
unless you went to the edit attachment page.  This is particularly
problematic since it is possible to search for bug reports with patches
attached.  One could also be in a situation where they were searching
for bugs with patches and open a bug report with five attachments and
not know which one is flagged as a patch.

This led me to write a greasemonkey script[0] that checks to see whether
or not an attachment is flagged as a patch.  It then modifies the icon
next to the relevant attachment from a green download arrow to a star.
It does this both in the attachments portlet and in the bug comments.  I
hope you find it as useful as I do!  And please help by unflagging those
log files as patches.


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