Modifying a bug's description

Dustin Kirkland dustin.kirkland at
Thu Jun 19 04:22:28 BST 2008

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 4:07 PM, Brian Murray <brian at> wrote:
> Bug descriptions are something that do not get modified very often,
> approximately 240 times this month, but are a great way to make bug
> reports more useful.  They can also save everyone the pain of having to
> read through every bug comment to extract important information.

I've modified a couple of bugs' titles that mention one package in the
title, but eventually turns out to be a problem in a different
package.  For the most part, I think the package association
(triaging, right?) should be in the "affects" section rather than the
"title".  When appropriate, I think it's a good idea to leave package
references for the "affects" section, rather than the "titles".
Descriptions, of course, can provide supporting "evidence", assuming
it's current and valid.


While we're talking about quality bug reports, I would very much like
to see a mechanism to invalidate particular bug comments.  Sometimes,
it's my own comments (or patches) that I want to "grey out" or
"deprecate" or "hide comments below threshold" (a la Slashdot).
Occasionally, it's someone else's comments, spam, or "I'm away on
vacation" auto response that would be nice to hide.  (See bugs #45419
and #220535.)

This could really help with some of those 50+ or 100+ comment bugs
that "take on a life of their own".  These can spiral out of control,
subsume and combine other bugs, and become unwieldy to even approach
to solve.

I know it's a totally different case, but Bug #1 has 700 comments and
would benefit from a sort of "rating" system.


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