needs-packaging Example

Emmet Hikory persia at
Wed Jun 11 16:47:09 BST 2008

Wolfger wrote:
> Caroline Ford wrote:
>> We confirm that it actually needs packaging - that it's not in the
>> archive. I also look for duplicate requests, and check Debian.
> That about sums up what I've read here. Also, valid statuses are: New,
> In Progress, Fix released, or Invalid. Other statuses have no use on
> needs-packaging bugs.

    What meaning is attached to "Invalid"?  Also, might we want "Won't
Fix" when there is a request for packaging of something that has a
license that prohibits distribution (which status could be changed if
the upstream licensing changed).  Additionally, I like the use of "Fix
Committed" to indicate that a package has been reviewed and uploaded
to the archive, but is currently in the NEW queue: this is helpful to
indicate where to seek a package, especially as the common procedure
is to archive a package from REVU when it is uploaded, even though the
archive-admins may be very busy, and might take a couple weeks to
accept the package.

    That said, "Incomplete" isn't a very interesting status for a
needs-packaging bug; although the bug report may be incomplete (not
have upstream homepage, not have license stated, etc.), we never want
these to expire.  Where a needs-packaging bug is not assigned, using
Google to complete the bug report is a very useful triage action, as
this often provides enough context that someone looking for something
to package will be able to review the bug.

    Thinking on that, "Triaged" might be a good way to indicate that a
given needs-packaging bug does have all the right information, and
that further information is not required prior to assignment to a


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