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Mon Jun 2 10:20:30 BST 2008

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 11:01 AM, Susana Pereira
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> Hi Wolfger,

Hi Susana. :-)

> Thanks for your input. I agree that for people not used to translations
> this can look confusing. Let me see if I can help make it more clear.
> Official Ubuntu Translation teams names follow this syntax:
> "ubuntu-l10n-XX" where XX is the language ISO 639-1 or 639-2 code and
> can have more than 2 letters.

Thanks for clearing that up.  That should be pretty easy to document,
and for people unfamiliar with translations to understand.

> I understand that searching for translators in launchpad is not helpful
> here, but I hope the link I gave above is better. In any case, not
> knowing what to do to a report is not, imho, a valid reason to close it.
> When in doubt asking for help or moving on to a different report is
> better.

Oh, I agree. I don't think (once we stop telling triagers to close
translation bugs) many people will close bugs they don't know what to
do with, but if we can't make it clear who to assign to a bug you will
likely end up with some well-meaning triagers assigning bugs where
they don't necessarily belong. Sounds like this can be adequately
documented, though, so we can educate our triagers.

> Regarding reports about translations in packages not in main I still
> think that subscribing the Ubuntu translators team is a better option.
> They may not be directly responsible for that translation but they
> should know who to contact about it.

This sounds good to me.


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