Announcement regarding the bughelper suite

Brian Murray brian at
Fri Feb 29 20:28:59 GMT 2008

I added some new functionality to the bzr branch[0] of the bughelper
project that I'm excited about and thought you might find interesting.
Using bugnumbers it is now possible to search for using the following

  --patch               filter on bugs containing a patch attached
  --needs-forwarding    filter on bugs needing forwarding upstream
  --fixed-upstream      filter on bugs that are resolved upstream

While this replicates existing search functionality in Launchpad, I
think it becomes more powerful when combined with other options in
bugnumbers. For example, I used 'bugnumbers -p hal --patch' with 
'--format bugday' to create the table of hal bugs with patches for the
next Hug Day.  I hope you find cool ways to use this functionality!

Additionally, you might be interested to know the bughelper suite in
Hardy and bzr now use a plain text version of a bug report for gathering
lots of information so it is significantly faster.  You can learn more
about bughelper at .

 * this also requires the bzr version of python-launchpad-bugs

Brian Murray                                       
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