Bug Announces in #ubuntu-bugs

Joseph Piché josephpiche at vehris.com
Mon Feb 25 02:23:43 GMT 2008

>  I wouldn't probably join #ubuntu-bugs-announce (or whatever it's called) for the
>  same reason I don't really read new bugs in #ubuntu-bugs. But I'm subscribed to
>  some packages bug mail, so I'd still be looking at bugs :)

Typically, I don't say anything on this list because I only
occassionally help with bugs. However, because I only occasionally
help with bugs, it is very nice to have the IRC channel for looking
for new bugs.

I only have time for bugs about once every week or two. But when I do
find time I typically have a couple hours, so it's nice to just open
up IRC and help out in a few channels. For me, getting emails would be
pretty annoying, so my vote goes to having a separate channel.

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