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Arthur Smith ubuntu-art at conservativereader.net
Fri Oct 5 00:30:09 BST 2007

> Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 13:22:38 -0400
> From: Pedro Villavicencio Garrido <pedro at ubuntu.com>
> Subject: Ubuntu-qa team name
> To: ubuntu-bugsquad at lists.ubuntu.com
> Message-ID: <1191432158.5955.20.camel at thylacine>
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> Hello folks,
> During the first Ubuntu QA IRC meeting we discussed some points that you
> might be interested: There's some name space confusion between the
> ubuntu-qa LP team and the more general QA Team (Bugsquad, Testing), as
> you know the ubuntu-qa is a restricted Launchpad team, with some extra
> privileges of course, like see the apport-crash bugs and set priorities.
> We are looking for a good name for avoid the confusion between the
> ubuntu-qa and the QA Team, some of the names that were raised:
> ubuntu-bugcontrol
> ubuntu-bugpriory
> ubuntu-buglords
> ubuntu-bugtweakers
> ubuntu-battalion
> Would be really great if you can drop your suggestion in the mailing
> list so we can choose one later, thanks a lot!.
> Regards,
> pedro.
How about "ubuntu-isilwanyazane" (that's Zulu for "insect"). :)

Art Smith

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