All-sides Testing Report of Ubuntu-7.04 from BSTQC

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Mon Jul 23 11:46:07 BST 2007

konghao wrote:
>> As I suggested last time, perhaps the Ubuntu BugSquad could organize a 
>> Bi-Annual Bug Blitz -- putting the BSTQC report on the Ubuntu wiki, and 
>> annotating it with links to the equivalent Launchpad bug reports.
>> <>
Perhaps someone from the bugsquad could volunteer to have a look at the 
S2 bugs in the report (themost serious -- there are no S1 bugs). That 
would give us an idea of whether serious bugs are being found that do 
not already appear in LP and whether the provided information is useful.
> Thank you for your reply, if Bi-Annual Bug Blitz is a better way to handle the report, I would have a try. Could you introduce someone who are in charge of it for me? And are there some documents of how to do it? or just paste the report on Ubuntu wiki?

A bi-annual bug blitz could be useful if we get enough people to 
participate and esp. if the bugs are filed against the development version.

You can contact me with further questions about this. I lead the 
Canonical Ubuntu QA team.


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