All-sides Testing Report of Ubuntu-7.04 from BSTQC

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Tue Jul 17 03:19:01 BST 2007


Release of All-sides Testing Report of Ubuntu-7.04

--Release Notice--

Thanks for your attention. 
BSQTC( Beijing Software Testing & QA Center ) has released the All-sides Testing Report of Ubuntu-7.04.
Our engineers did the reports by their really hard work. Every issue in the report had been checked by
at least 2 engineers and 3 computers to ensure the recurrence. Every description of the issues had been
carefully edited to make it easily to understand and recur. As a member of Ubuntu community , BSTQC
would contribute all the resource we have.

--How to read the report--

We put more information in our reports to make it easily for understanding and tracking issues. It's 
more accessible then the report of Ubuntu-6.10.

In the report file  "Ubuntu 7.04 Testing Report" there are testing entries one by one which covered user
document, function, reliability, usability, maintenance, portability and Chinese characteristics.  You 
can see Page-3 of "Ubuntu 7.04 Testing Report" for details.

In report file "Ubuntu 7.04 Testing Report" there are different testing results of "Pass","Pass Partly",
"Pass" means the result was obviously correct according to the User Document or experience.
"Pass Partly" means the main function was correct, but the subfunction had issues.
"n-a" means this entry was NOT tested for reasons.
"Fail" means the result was obviously different with the expected result according to User Document or 

When you found "Pass Partly" or "Fail" entries in file  "Ubuntu 7.04 Testing Report", you would also 
find some words llike "bug: 0010" or "bug:0007,0008,0009". The number is the ID of the bugs we processed
in our Bug Tracking System. After you got the ID number of a bug ,you can find the description in another
file "Ubuntu 7.04 defect report" which contains the detailed description of every bug. 

For example:  
When you found the words "bug:0007,0008,0009", it means there are three bugs in this entry. 
According to the number 0007,0008,0009,in another file "Ubuntu 7.04 defect report" there are three 
descriptions entries named by the complete tracking ID of "Ubt-7040000007""Ubt-7040000008""Ubt-7040000009".  
"Ubt-704" is the ID of testing project, so you can search the  "Ubuntu 7.04 defect report" by the key word 
of "Ubt-7040000007" or just "0000007" to find the description of the bug-0007.

Every bug has different Severity Level from 1(Fatal) to 5(Suggestion) , in the file we report:

Severity-Level  |  Number of bugs
Severity-1      |    0  
Severity-2      |    30 
Severity-3      |    119
Severity-4      |    235
Severity-5      |    18 

The detail of how we define the level at the part of "Defect Summary" in file "Ubuntu 7.04 defect report".

We are still considering to improve our report format to make it easily for tracking bugs between "Testing
report" and "Defect report". But unfortunately we could not report every bug one by one to the launchpad 
because of the resource limitation.

We did the report based on the install CD of Ubuntu 7.04. Some of the bugs possible have been fixed in 
updates, please check them carefully.

--Where to download the report--

You can download them from the directly URL :

Or ask me by sending me email with title "Asking for Ubuntu704 report" to konghao at

We'll send you report with ODT format because PDF format is a little big so that some mailservers would 
possible filtrate it. By the email way, please make sure your mail account has permission of receiving 

Please contact us by sending email to konghao at when you have any question.

Thanks! & Best regards!

Hao Kong - BSTQC
National Application Software Testing Labs
Beijing Software Testing & QA Center
Add:Building 3A,Zhongguancun Software Park,
Shangdi,Haidian District,Beijing,China 100094
Email:konghao at

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