summary: rhythmbox package cleanup

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Fri Feb 23 01:04:34 GMT 2007


The package picked for cleanup today was rhythmbox. Like yesterday IRC
was mostly quiet, people did work though and the package looks in a
pretty good shape for feisty, the bugs list is under control and no bug
has been pointed as "would be nice to fix for feisty"

For those who like stats, the package ones at the moment:
- only 4 "Unconfirmed" bugs on the package
- 11 bugs are "Needs Info" at the moment
- 4 bugs are to forward upstream
- all the bugs are importance medium, low or wishlist
- there is no bug marked to fix for feisty

That looks pretty good, upstream is doing a rocking work with bugs we
are forwarding and the busquad and desktop team do a nice job to clean
the launchpad list of problems and to maintain the package!

Tomorrow we will look at gedit and gnome-media. Note than you can work
on other things than bug triage, playing with the applications to spot
problems that would be nice to fix before feisty for example.


Sebastien Bacher

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