summary: control-center package cleanup

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Feb 22 00:34:08 GMT 2007


Today was the first desktop packages cleanup day. There was not too much
talk on IRC about the package, the list of bugs has got some cleanup
action though and most of them are triaged now, thank you to the people
who participated today!

For people interested by stats on the package:
- only 6 bugs are unconfirmed on the package
- 22 bugs are "Needs Info" at the moment
- 4 bugs should be fixed with the next update
- 10 bugs are to forward upstream
- no bug is marked to fix for feisty
- only 1 bug has Importance >= high and is not marked "Fix Commited" yet

One annoying bug pointed is that programs started by a keyboard shortcut
don't have their environment set correctly (which creates problems to
use the keyring for example), that's due to the fact than
gnome-settings-daemon is spawned over dbus, that's an upstream problem:

There is probably some little bugs that should be easy enough to fix for
feisty, your contribution on those is welcome as well so feel free to
send patches or ping the desktop team if you want to start working on

Tomorrow we will look at the rhythmbox package. A new version (0.9.8)
has just been uploaded today to feisty and that's a good opportunity to
verify if bugs have been fixed with the update and not closed yet and to
list new or known problems that would be nice to fix for feisty


Sebastien Bacher

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