Call to participation: bugs cleanup on desktop packages for feisty

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Feb 20 21:55:11 GMT 2007


The Desktop Team will do a round of cleaning up on desktop packages for
feisty. We will start tomorrow with control-center. We will look at the
bugs open on the package, clean up the list and note the problems that
would be nice to get fixed for feisty. If you have some interest in a
package this can be a good occasion to start working on it, the desktop
team has lot to do and contributors are welcome to join.

We will work from IRC on #ubuntu-desktop (freenode) and #ubuntu-bugs,
and a summary of the work done during the day, with a list of the bugs
that would be nice to fix for feisty, will be posted to the
ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-bugs lists. You are also welcome to make
comments with a reply to that mail.

The next cleanup day (and the package picked) will be announced with the
summary mail. We are likely to do that several times a week until feisty
beta. That's a good opportunity for you to point out problems that you
would like to get fixed, to give a hand to make that happen, and to get
a really rocking feisty desktop!


Sebastien Bacher

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