Branch location changes

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Apr 30 08:41:54 BST 2007

Hello everybody,

we just changed the locations of bughelper and python-launchpad-bugs
branches from ~bugsquad to ~bughelper-dev. The bughelper code base has
grown over time, it is used in other places as well and the team has
fortunately grown as well.

If you want to commit to the following branches, please join the team
and get your changes reviewed.

We did not change the location of the bughelper-data branch. It's
sufficient to be in ~bugsquad for that.

So here the full list of relevant branches:

      * (0.1
        version in feisty - unsplitted)
      * (0.2
        version - splitted already)
      * (0.2 python-launchpad-bugs)
      * (clue
        file data)

Have a nice day,

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