New Launchpad look and feel

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Apr 5 09:35:06 BST 2007

Peter Whittaker wrote:
> Having attachments off the to right was IMHO a good thing, contents
> could be read linearly; with them in-line, they have to be skipped, and
> this detracts from one's attention (or at least mine).
> I also have to take more action to get what I want from a page, since a
> lot of the "always expanded" information in the previous scheme, e.g.,
> subscribers, etc., defaults to collapsed, meaning extra bug clicks.

The CSS system we have was designed to allow us to have an "advanced"
stylesheet, which devotes less real estate to predictable navigation
structures and exposes more information immediately. We don't have that
stylesheet ready yet, but I've registered a blueprint for it and will
ask MPT to pursue it now that 1.0 is out.

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