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Wed Apr 4 14:39:07 BST 2007

you're right. In my opinion the new theme is worse and less professional than the one before...

everything is less visible (maybe smaller characters? or the combination background color + text colors) and useful menus are hidden by default
(such as the attachments, subscribers)

And, in my opinion, the new colors seem designed for a children site :D

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Oggetto: New Launchpad look and feel

Perhaps I am a curmudgeony dinosaur, but I find the new look of
Launchpad much harder on the eyes. The previous version was, IMHO,
cleaner, easier to read, easier to scan, and made it easier to find
desired content.

I find the new colour scheme distracting, the new fonts make "header"
information more prominent than real content (e.g., comments), and that
the new page organization means that more useful is "below the line"
than was previously the case....

With the old scheme, I could open a report, scan it quickly, and have a
pretty good idea whether I needed to page down - now I have little
choice, I almost always have to page down to get to the goods.

Having attachments off the to right was IMHO a good thing, contents
could be read linearly; with them in-line, they have to be skipped, and
this detracts from one's attention (or at least mine).

I also have to take more action to get what I want from a page, since a
lot of the "always expanded" information in the previous scheme, e.g.,
subscribers, etc., defaults to collapsed, meaning extra bug clicks.

In my mind, these aren't really small points: We have so many bugs and
so much triage work to do that anything that slows us down will have
unfortunate effects.

I'm torn about the new home page capabilities: I love the "bugs I'm
involved in" and other stats, but when I visit a home page the first
thing I see is a GREAT BIG MUGSHOT, and useful information about the
person I'm looking at is "below the line", necessitating a scroll.

I'm sure there are those who prefer the new way, and if it helps them,
wonderful! But I think whoever developed the "new way" owns a much, much
bigger monitor than me, and much bigger than many of the rest of us*.

Is there a CSS we can use to "get the old way"?


* My 15" TFT ain't broke, why would I replace it? Being able to continue
to use old hardware and not have to upgrade every time Bill or Steve has
a bad night's sleep is one of the tremendous advantages of FLOSS, IMHO.
Let's not sacrifice that to eye candy.


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