Proposal: assign people to specific jobs

Vassilis Pandis pandisv at
Thu Sep 28 19:28:06 BST 2006

--- t u <towsonu2003 at> wrote:

> a sub-team of bugsquad that only assigns bugs to packages [no other
> triaging task involved] might work. the job of this squad would be to
> triage incoming (new) as well as old bugs without specified packages
> only to packages. it's fairly easy and works nice because package
> developers get feedback on bugs in a more efficient way. For example, a
> couple of bugs for which I only did this got their way up to 6.10
> milestone.

I can see your point with the unassigned packages. Is an entire team neccessary
though? What about a hug day with only this target in mind, to clear up the backlog
that has been created. After it's over, let's just try to put bugs where they
belong (and if neccessary hold a similar hug day in a few months' time).

PS: tu, sorry for sending this a gazillion times to you - accident :-/

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