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t u towsonu2003 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 18:43:38 BST 2006

Caroline Ford wrote:
> I think the Responses page needs much more work to be usable. I note
> that no-one seems to be using those stock responses

well I do... and I came across many triaging people who did as well
while I was reporting bugs.

> That page implies that problems with translations are not bugs when they
> are. The answer given - "fix it yourself!" is not helpful to bug
> reporters or to translators who would like to know when there are
> problems..

any suggestions?

> Don't we also want to know about bugs in Dapper? It is not obsoleted by
> Edgy. 

I think unless it's a real serious bug, no. bc they won't fix it unless
bug reporter can prove that it's occuring in edgy (and then edgy+1)

thanks for the reply :)

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