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Hi towsonu,

On 9/27/06, t u <towsonu2003 at> wrote:
> I'd like to confirm or reject this bug I encountered. fairly old. needs
> someone who have both openoffice 1.1.3 and the latest openoffice to see
> if you can reproduce it. very minor bug -> very little effort needed.
> involves converting  file to pdf in both versions...

Since installing the old and all it's dependencies would basically be
easiest done by installing Hoary (or using the help of a neighbourhood
apt-ninja), I'd  just download the example .sxw files that the original
reported has linked to and try it out with the Dapper/Edgy version of

I did, and I find that in example 1, the file size (pdf) is 20.2kB and in
example 2, the pdf file is 359.8kB. We can compare these to the values
reporterd by the original reporter for  the sizes of the files generated
with the older version.

I beg to differ that exporting to pdf using both versions of on one
computer is not a trivial task ;)

have a look please:

I can attach and send the files to you seperately if you want, but
reproducing them must be simple :)


thanks :)
> PS. no, I'm not the bug reporter haha
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