Bug Tasks!

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 26 16:01:31 BST 2006

Hello everybody,

I added some more easy bug tasks to:

      * Forwarding bugs upstream - bugs with upstream tasks that have no
        bugwatch added - that's easy enough to do, it just requires
        checking, if the bug is filed upstream already.
      * Ubuntu LOVE tasks - easy hacking tasks
      * Bugs that haven't been touched in a while - "Recently changed",
        but sort order reversed
      * Old NeedsInfo bugs - some might be closed with a nice reply from

I'm sure you can think of other clever tasks, feel free to add them. I'd
be happy to see other teams use those as well.

Another thing: you as experienced bug squad members, could you please
try to push newbies in the right direction (maybe at some of those bugs)
tomorrow at the HUG DAY?

Thanks a lot,

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