Bug Triage Privileges

Vassilis Pandis pandisv at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 14:51:01 BST 2006

> > If we can improve the process, I'm all ears to how to do so.
> I definitely have a suggestion.  If the temptation is for people to mark their 
> own bugs as critical, let's narrow the scope of the restriction to that - 
> until whatever criteria are met, users may not set the importance of their 
> *own* bugs.  I've mentioned this before, and gotten the reply that sometimes, 
> for some people, it's appropriate and useful for them to do that.  But those 
> people are already able to do that.  For everyone else, who is already able 
> to do (what I see as) much more destructive things to a bug than set 
> incorrect importance, I think we could get maximum benefit with minimum abuse 
> by allowing them to set the importance of other people's bugs.
> Thanks,
> Rocco Stanzione

What about allowing users to only reduce the importance of bug reports? (I'm sure this 
has been already brought up). Allowing users to increase the importance of bugs that 
they did not find is not an ideal solution: A user that's affected by a bug not filed by them will
still be able to increase its importance. 

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