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Fri Oct 27 14:57:05 BST 2006

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> I have only recently actively working on bug triaging. I have taken
> the habit, in most case, on an incomplete report, to assign the bug
> on me, as this is suggested to do on:
> This is/was making sense to me. The assignee, is the one taking care
> of a bug, RIGHT NOW. As the bug triager is trying to get more
> information before have it ready to be examined by a competent
> developer (confirmed state as I see it), it make sense to have it
> assigned to him. This way, searching for unassigned bug, become a
> reasonable way to find bugs that needs some action on them. It took
> me a number of reading at
> to realize that this is not permitted on Ubiquity: "Please do not
> assign ubiquity bugs to anyone unless you're a ubiquity developer or
> you manage a ubiquity developer." In fact, this message was
> initiated based on extract of Colin Watson, on a parted bug:
> "Unassigning Paul from this bug, unless he actually plans to write
> the code necessary to fix this.". On this particuliar bug, I felt
> relieved, because the reporter was quite annoyed at the way I was
> triaging his bug. I have received a number of such comments, that I
> should not assign a bug to myself as a bug triager. So this email is
> a request to make sure 'HowToTriage bugs's suggestion to assign to
> oneself is right. And if so, see in what case/packages, this would
> be considered bad practice.
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Only assign a bug to the person that is gonna fix it. A good way to do
this is to not assign a bug to someone unless that person says to.
Maintainer/ Developer isnt always the person to add patches or fixes.
Triager is not always the person thats gonnd fix the bug a triager is
the user that asks for info, marks dups and so on for the developer.
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