Bugs against "Ubuntu"

t u towsonu2003 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 08:53:48 BST 2006

Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Andrew Mitchell just brought to my attention that we have 2177 bugs
> open, which are not filed against any package. You may all know from
> personal experience that those bugs are likely to end up "lying around".
> http://tinyurl.com/rxjtk is a list you can easily point people at to get
> involved in Bug Triage. 
> Let's make Edgy even better, let's get some bugs fixed. 
> See you on Wednesday (HUG DAY),
>  Daniel

:) ...

Can we add this link to the wiki at

PS. a week ago, the # was ~1790... ouch.
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