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John O'Brien wrote:
> HI
> First I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but I do know that
> it will receive due attention.
> I love the product. Having tried Dapper I would drop WIndows etc without
> a sacond thought. But i have found a major problem which stops me from
> doing this. Despite being a newbie I have trwaled through notice boards
> etc. trying to find ways that dapper would recognise the softmodem in my
> laptop. Nothing. So I have had to resort to the latest version of Simply
> Mepis, built on Ubuntu but identifies my modem without so much as a
> blink. Can whatever changes Mepis have included in their package for
> this also be put into Ubuntu?Hoping you can help.
> John O'Brien

thanks for your email. I'll try to post a comprehensive answer :)

If I understood correctly, your winmodem works with Mepis? If that is
the case, you can make your winmodem work in ubuntu as well, but it will
not be easy. You will want to follow directions here:

(Assuming that you didn't so already) if you cannot make the winmodem
work after following the instructions, you could post a thread asking
for help at . If you do
that, please email me (towsonu2003 at gmail dot com) the link to your
thread and I (and hopefully others) will try to help. Disclaimer: I'm
not an expert or anything like that :)

The problem with winmodems not working out of the box is a known
problem. We not only need to include working winmodem drivers into the
default installation, but also cooperate with people to
come up with better solutions. We are trying to solve that problem thru
the feature request here:

We are also trying to get the Dialup Howto page into the offline

If you'd like to, you could vote in the following unofficial forum
thread for winmodem support. Although developers won't see it, it
provides proof that many people are suffering due to lack of winmodem
support in Ubuntu.

Setting up a winmodem is usually (very) hard, so if Mepis sets it up for
you, I'd understand if you'd prefer to install Mepis :)

I hope this helps.

Good luck :)
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