Bug forwarding

Vassilis Pandis pandisv at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 16 18:04:09 BST 2006

Hello everybody,

Going through several bugs a day I see a pattern that tends to repeat itself often: User files
bug, some questions are asked, info is collected and another person or two describe the same
problem --> Bug is confirmed but nobody is really working on it.

Given that Ubuntu doesn't have maintainers (so few people are very familiar with the code of a
certain package) and that the bugs greatly outnumber the people that have the ability to fix them,
most of these belong upstream. Forwarding a bug upstream though usually takes a significant amount
of time because in most cases an account for the remote BTS should be created, activated, you have
to log in and then report the bug. 

I understand that Launchpad was created exactly for this purpose - easy cooperation between Open
Source projets. Unfortunately, few projects are using Malone as their BTS so cooperation is still
a problem.

To get to the point:

1. Are there any plans on implementing a quick way of bug forwarding from Launchpad in the near
future? i.e. The ability to file bugs at a remote BTS without leaving the Malone (and not just
keeping track of them).

2. If this is not possible, how feasible is it to set up a website where bug triagers can use a
simple interface to forward bugs? Something like "Which bug do you want to forward to which BTS?".
This will eliminate the need to create millions of accounts everywhere and make the process more
official (i.e. the reporter will be something like ubuntu-forwarder at ubuntu.com and not
random_guy19803 at random.com, the text written in the bug report will be consistent etc.) 

Thanks for reading this,
Vassilis Pandis

PS: If this belongs to another list, please don't hesitate to say so.

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