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On Aug 7, 2006, at 10:15 PM, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at> writes:
>> I want to propose a moderation queue for tags and get the current list
>> completely cleaned up.

There's a much easier solution ...

>> Having a package tag (like 'firefox', 'epiphany' or 'gnome-panel') 
>> makes no sense at all.

Agreed. (That's probably a design flaw in the form, though.)

>> The same goes for 'gnome' and 'audio' - we have teams to handle this 
>> kind of bug.

You use teams of people to classify bugs by topic? That's weird.

>> It'd be nice if we could use the tags to organize our workflow. What
>> about tags like 'go-upstream' or 'easyfix'?  The current list is messy
>> and doesn't make things easier. In my opinion we might just need a 
>> more
>> prominent list of teams.
> I think for the start a wikipage with a list of ``official'' tags
> along with a description what they are for would be a good start. At
> least until we have some ways to delete obsolete tags and moderate
> creation of new ones.
> Do we perhaps already have such a wiki page?
> ...

... The much easier solution is to limit the list of tags to only the 
most common 50 or so, and present them as a normal tag cloud (or 
alternatively sort them by popularity). That way people can still add 
useless tags to individual bugs if they like, and it (usually) won't 
affect the list on the Bugs page.

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