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Melkor Faria melkor.faria em gmail.com
Quarta Julho 20 17:53:33 UTC 2005

vai no about:config no próprio firefox, procura a entrada chamada
"general.useragent.vendorSub" deve estar com o valor 1.0, muda para
1.0.4 que funciona.

2005/6/16, Thiago Serra Ferreira de Carvalho <thiago em ajudalinux.org>:
> que legal.. fui instalar um extensão oficial (no mozdev) e, fui avisado
> do seguinte:
> Firefox on Ubuntu
> You appear to be using the Firefox package provided by Ubuntu Linux.
> Ubuntu distributed a new version of Firefox which contains the security
> fixes from Firefox 1.0.4, however, they did not update the version
> number, so we have no way to tell whether your copy of Firefox contains
> the security fixes or not. A request to Ubuntu to update the version
> number has been filed at Ubuntu Bug 10681. A workaround you can use to
> get access to addons.mozilla.org is given in comment 3 on that bug.
> Please ensure you have updated to the latest Firefox package using
> apt-get, Synaptic, or the Ubuntu Update Manager before trying the
> workaround.
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