[Bug 898304]

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Wed Nov 30 18:54:24 UTC 2011

 uuid_cmp (b=0x7fd3d714f8c8, a=Cannot access memory at address 0x3d
 sdp_list_find (f=<optimized out>, u=0x7fd3d714f8c8, list=0x35) at ./lib/bluetooth/sdp_lib.h:61
 adapter_service_insert (adapter=0x7fd3d7150390, r=0x7fd3d714f8b0) at src/adapter.c:1038
 g_slist_foreach (list=<optimized out>, func=0x7fd3d5ad11e0 <adapter_service_insert>, user_data=0x7fd3d714f8b0) at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.30.0/./glib/gslist.c:880
 service_register_req (req=0x7fffaeece290, rsp=0x7fffaeece210) at src/sdpd-service.c:434

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  bluetoothd crashed with SIGSEGV in uuid_cmp()

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