[Bug 268502] Re: Bluetooth doesn't work (hci_cmd_task: hci0 command tx timeout)

Dominique Meeùs dominique at d-meeus.be
Sun Mar 29 23:18:56 BST 2009

Some Bluetooth dongles may have a kernel problem but others not. People
keep telling others to try new kernels and patch kernels. But for some
dongles, there is no kernel problem but a Bluez daemon problem. See my
test on 2009-03-18: with the daemon stopped, with btusb alone, my dongle
scans my phone. With the daemon active, I get the hci0 timeout error

More people should do this test. Sudo etc/init.d/bluetooth stop and then
try hciconfig -a  and hcitool scan to see the result. (If hci0 is not
recognized, it maybe efficient to take the dongle away and then back in
and redo hciconfig-a and hcitool scan.) This way it is possible to
separate btusb issues and bluetoothd issues.

I tried bluetooth/bluez/libbluetooth3 version 4.33+git20090327-0ubuntu1.
There is no improvement. With a D-Link DBT-122, Bluez is still just as
broken as five months ago.

Bluetooth doesn't work (hci_cmd_task: hci0 command tx timeout)
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