[Bug 146918] Re: Poor descriptions for some applications in Startup Programs window

era era+launchpad.net at iki.fi
Thu Jul 2 22:59:11 BST 2009

Thanks for pitching in here!  Allow me to comment on a few of your
suggestions, though.

As a general comment, these are applications which are started when your
session is initiated.  Many of them are infrastructure, daemon-type
programs which do  not directly expose a user interface.  Therefore I
find it slightly problematic to describe them in terms of "what the user
can do".

> "GNOME accessibility" - "Arrange alternative interaction devices"

I'd also be hesitant to coin new names for existing components.  Users
who know what AT-SPI is might be annoyed to find it renamed to something
novel.  In order to cover this legacy issue, at a minimum I'd like to
keep the old name in the description somewhere.  How about

"GNOME AT-SPI Accessibility" - "Enable alternative input and output

> "Evolution alarm notifier" - "Configure advanced alarm clock features"
(is this correct?)

I think they fixed this one already; the current one is IMHO clearer and
more correct.

> "GNOME keyring" - "Manage authentication for your GPG encryption keys"

I'm at loss to the relationship between Seahorse and the GNOME Keyring.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Keyring says Seahorse should replace
the old keyring altogether.  If that's the case, it will handle both SSH
and GPG keys.  In any event, this component does "manage" them from the
system's perspective, but it's more of a daemon for interconnecting the
key store with applications, if I understand any of this at all.  Maybe
this description is fine; I'm just thinking out loud here.

> "GNOME login sound" - "Configure system sounds"

To the best of my understanding, this one merely plays the sound; you
configure it elsewhere.

"GNOME Login Sound" - "Play the login chime"

> "GNOME settings" - "Manage computer configurations"
>"GNOME settings helper" - "Automatically manage computer
configurations" (is this correct?)

I'm sorry, I'm not really comfortable with this.  I don't understand
this (see my comments above) but in any event, I believe this manages
only the core GNOME configuration, i.e. basically what you can
manipulate with gconftool.  Most of what users want to configure is
handled elsewhere.

> "GNOME splash screen" - "Change startup screen graphics"

Again, like with the login sound, this one just executes, doesn't

> "Indicator applet" - "Configure notifications for system"

Do you genuinely understand what this one does?  Could you point to some
documentation?  Is this the new notification thingamajig?  Why does it
require a separate startup process in order to add something to the
panel, anyway?

> "Network manager" - "Connect to a computer network"
> "Power manager" - "Change power settings"

Again, these run a service which enable you to do these things, but do
not directly expose a user interface.  Maybe I'm too picky; maybe these
are fine.

Finally, I vaguely think the Name field should perhaps be in Title Case,
like most of the existing entries.

Thanks again for coming up with a good proposal.  These are all minor
nits for the most part.

Poor descriptions for some applications in Startup Programs window
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