[Bug 285283] Re: Bluetooth file transfer to phone fails (from both Nautilus and Bluetooth applet)

lucge luc.loiseau at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 14:39:03 GMT 2009

Additional informations of my problem:
My device is a Palm Tungsten E2
Currently with Ibex:
- I  can never transfer file from the Ibex PC to the device (like Mary with the 2 methods)
- Sometimes I can transfer a file from the device to the Ibex PC (~1 success every 5 trials)
- Sometimes I can connect to the internet through dund  (~1 success every 5 trials)
With Heron, all is OK

Then I compare the behavior between Ibex and Heron when I attempt to send a file to the Palm device.
Previous attachment compare dbus messages during the attempt for both Heron and Ibex.
What surprise me with Ibex record  is the number of parameters sent with the command CreateBluetoothSession: We find 3 parameters, but according to http://wiki.muiline.com/obex-data-server/migrating_to_0.4 only 2 are needed.
I tried to upgrade obex_server to version 0.42 but the problem remains the same... with the fact I could not transfer file from the device anymore -> so I came back to the 0.3.4+svn1951-0ubuntu1 version

Next attachment compare the result of the command hcitool info for both Heron and Ibex:
It seems that Ibex is not able to connect to my Palm device for reading its features

** Attachment added: "compare_Heron_Ibex_hcitool_info.txt"

Bluetooth file transfer to phone fails (from both Nautilus and Bluetooth applet)
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