[Bug 405294] Re: a2dp skips terribly in Karmic

xby lsibilla at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 15:25:04 GMT 2009


I had the exact same problem and I found this in the bluez wiki :
You may get choppiness with a2dp. An hcid.conf with "lm accept,master;" and "lp hold,sniff,park;" will be more robust. For BlueZ 4.x, which has no hcid.conf, you will have to do something like 'hciconfig hci0 lm master; hciconfig hci0 lp hold,sniff,park' after bluetoothd starts up (or write a patch ;). 

So I tried
sudo hciconfig hci0 lm master; sudo hciconfig hci0 lp hold,sniff,park

And it works well ! Does it work for you as well ?

The bad part is that you have to type it in everytime you restart your
computer. Any idea how to do it automatically ? I was used to init.d but
I can't figure out how upstart works.

a2dp skips terribly in Karmic
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