[Bug 274950] Re: Look into switching to bluez 4.x

Mario Limonciello superm1 at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 29 09:30:36 BST 2008

** Description changed:

  BlueZ 4.x resolves two regressions that are seen in the 3.x stack on
  Regressions solved
  * Keyboards aren't able to pair in the UI.
     - Reverting to an earlier release of bluez-utils is not a good solution as a lot of bugs were fixed related to Symbian OBEX by coming up to 3.36.
     - This happens with the latest version of bluez-gnome (0.28) as well.
  * Broken services tab
    - In the 3.x stack, the services tab is unfortunately the only way to activate new devices.
    - This is fixed in bluez-gnome 0.28 or anything later.  However you need to switch to a package in the 1.x series when using the Bluez 4.x stack.
  Newer features
  The 4.x version brings an additional UI element, a pairing wizard.  This may cause problems for documentation teams, but considering the previous UI was not intuitive, there likely hasn't been a lot of documentation on it.
  The entire stack that needs to be changed for this bug is available on the Bluetooth team testing PPA at http://launchpad.net/~bluetooth/+archive .
   * Builds are all verified functional for i386, amd64, lpia
   * These builds have all been test installed by adding the PPA to an up to date Intrepid and doing a dist-upgrade.
+  * An upgrade from a base install of hardy to one of intrepid while using the PPA as an active repository was also tested.  Modifications had to be made to update-manager to test this behavior (since the PPA is not authenticated).  There were no upgrade issues.
   * Functionality has been verified for keyboards, mice using both Rocketfish & Apple keyboards and mice.
   * Functionality has been verified for OBEX browsing, OBEX sending, and DUN via rfcomm on a Blackberry 8130.

Look into switching to bluez 4.x
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