[Bug 123920] Re: Bluetooth Logitech Dinovo Keyboard/Mouse don't work

wonko oekj at online.no
Fri Oct 3 19:50:02 BST 2008

Had the same problem in kubuntu 8.10 beta, with my logitech dinovo edge keyboard and bluetooth dongle: After system restart, I need to unplug, replug and reconnect ("pair") the dongle. Following Ryan's advice, I disabled HID2HCI in /etc/default/bluetooth, and now it's working again :) So thanks bubbalouie!
Btw: I also had this problem in kubuntu 8.04 (and maybe earlier too). It seems to me to be better leaving this option off by default, and instead offer it as an option in the bluez-utils setup...

Bluetooth Logitech Dinovo Keyboard/Mouse don't work
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