[Bug 289836] Re: Some bluetooth dongles don't work anymore

Dominique Meeùs dominique at meeus-d.be
Mon Nov 17 19:43:11 GMT 2008

Znupi a écrit ce qui suit, le 17/11/08 18:41 :
> [...]
>   == Known workaround ==
>   none (besides using Ubuntu Hardy) [...]

The problem is bluez 4, not the whole of Intrepid. There is indeed a 
workaround other than using Hardy: using bluez 3 under Intrepid. This is 
what I described in my post 2008-11-07 (installing blueman for its 
dependencies and then, optionally, uninstalling blueman). Doing this, I 
am still using Intrepid and I do backup my phone with Wammu through a 
Bluetooth connection with a 2001:f111 D-Link Corp. [hex] DBT-122 
Bluetooth adapter.

(By the way: Some messages are about pairing. I think there should be 
two different bugs: one on "hardware support regression" and another one 
on pairing, for situations without hardware problem other than pairing. 
Pairing is a very delicate operation, poorly documented, and maybe 
configuration an pin helper files changed with bluez 4 without notice. I 
do not know whether there really is a pairing bug or rather a need for 
more documentation, explanation and help about pairing but anyway I 
think this discussion would be easier if kept separated from hardware 
problems. What is the border between the two problems? Maybe whether 
hcitool scan detects the phone --or other external Bluetooth device-- or 
not. One could add hcitool inq, hcitool info <MAC address> and l2ping 
<MAC address> to this test.)


Amitiés, Dominique.

Some bluetooth dongles don't work anymore
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