[Bug 268877] Re: bluetooth service does not restart after a suspend to ram

Martin G Miller mgmiller at optonline.net
Sun Nov 16 13:26:38 GMT 2008

Mario Limonciello wrote:
"After entering hci mode, try to pair your keyboard using the bluez
gnome ui. The computer won't know about IT otherwise."

If I have bluetooth set to HCI, the utility does not detect the keyboard
dongle.  Pressing the pairing button does not work.  I have to unplug
the dongle and plug it back it to get it to function.

The only way I can do anything if it's set to HCI is to use a PS/2
keyboard mouse to run the GUI.  This defeats the purpose of having the
bluetooth mouse.  Especially for a HTPC which is 15 feet away.

Chow Loong Jin wrote:
"Perhaps your /etc/default/bluetooth file is malformed?"

Here is the contents of this file:
# Defaults for bluez

# start bluetooth on boot?
# compatibility note: If this variable is not found bluetooth will
# start

# This setting will switch HID devices (e.g mouse/keyboad) to HCI mode, that is
# you will have bluetooth functionality from your dongle instead of only HID.
# Note that not every bluetooth dongle is capable of switching back to HID
# mode, see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=355497

Notice the HID2HCI_ENABLED=0, this is the only way I can get the keyboard recognized on boot or resume from S3 sleep.  My dongle needs to stay HID or it won't work.  

What is the purpose for the last line in the file?  "HID2HCI_UNDO=1"

bluetooth service does not restart after a suspend to ram
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