[Bug 32415] Re: Apple Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard pairing broken in Dapper/Edgy/Feisty

Charlotte Curtis c.f.curtis at gmail.com
Thu May 8 18:08:51 BST 2008

I've got part of this bug too, in 8.04.  Most of the time, my MX5000
keyboard and MX1000 mouse connect on startup just fine, but after they
go to sleep (~15 minutes away from the computer), I lose connection.  I
have another mouse handy so that I can open up the bluetooth preferences
and reconnect the devices (simply clicking "disconnect" then wiggling
the mouse/hitting a key seems to work).  Then, I need to restart X so
that all of my mouse buttons work properly.

It seems as though there are two parts to this problem:
1) bluez doesn't know when devices disconnect.  Since they reconnect automatically if I disconnect them manually, it seems as though automatic detection of the disconnect would solve most of the problem.
2) When a device disconnects, Xorg unloads the driver, as seen in this portion of my Xorg.0.log:

(EE) Read error: No such device (19, -1 != 16)
(II) Logitech MX1000: Off
(II) Logitech MX1000: Off
(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"

Is there a way to stop X from unloading modules and switching off input

Apple Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard pairing broken in Dapper/Edgy/Feisty
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