[Bug 153388] Re: Gusty bluetooth OBEX Push (File receive)

Stephen Irons stephen.irons at tait.co.nz
Thu Feb 28 00:00:42 GMT 2008

I had to install package gnome-bluetooth. This gives you three  things:

* Send To > Bluetooth option in Nautilus
* gnome-obex-send, a little UI to send a file to a Bluetooth device. I think the Send To > Bluetooth option uses this behind the scenes
* Applications > Accessories > Bluetooth File Sharing menu option, which runs
* gnome-obex-server

gnome-obex-server is what you want: it enables the OBEX file receive

It is a bad name: file sharing suggests to me that I am sharing my files
via bluetooth.

It also is in a bad place: it should be one of the services in the
gnome-bluetooth-applet that sits in the taskbar, not a separate
application that makes a new icon on the taskbar.

I believe there are moves afoot to move both the Nautilus > Send To >
Bluetooth and Applications > Accessories > Bluetooth File Sharing from
the package gnome-bluetooth to package bluez-gnome where it belong (or
at least to integrate the functionality there).


and a summer-of-code project to do this. Google cache only, I don't know what happened to the original link.

Gusty bluetooth OBEX Push (File receive)
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