[Bug 190405] Re: [FFE] please upgrade bluez-gnome to 0.21

Matti Lindell mlind at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 26 17:18:53 GMT 2008

Onkar, I had a look of your debdiff and it looks good to me. obex-data-
server should be Recommends or Suggests as main inclusion is in doubt. I
reckon we should merge with Debian and apply our changes at the top as
most of the stuff is already on Debian package provided by Filippo.

obex-data-server (>= 0.3) is probably safe bet as the bluez-gnome was
changed recently to cope with the new 0.3 API. Disabling the 'Browse
Device' menu item seems to work and it's probably okay too until
gio/gvfs gets the obex-ftp bluetooth support.

I included your changes in the merge, what do you think?
I'll attach the whole stuff as a .tar archive.

Once this looks okay, we should subscribe the archive for a review.

** Attachment added: "bluez-gnome-0.23_uvf.tar"

[FFE] please upgrade bluez-gnome to 0.21
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