[Bug 190405] Re: please upgrade bluez-gnome to 0.18

mlind mlind at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 19 15:48:32 GMT 2008

There's interesting patch evolving upstream about implementing obex-ftp
backend for GVFS. As noted, GVFS doesn't support gnome-vfs-obex and so
we're currently without working obex-ftp functionality :( This is a
somewhat irritating regression from Gutsy.

I tested a bit with obex-data-server (0.2 version from upstream) and
bluez-gnome 0.21. I was able to get file transfers work from both
phone<->computer, but not without problems. obex-data-server needs still
some love..

Here's a debdiff I've been using for sometime now. Maybe we should merge with Debian if exception is granted for this. 
Thanks Baptiste for packaging obex-data-server btw!

** Attachment added: "merge of bluez-gnome from Debian sid"

please upgrade bluez-gnome to 0.18 
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