[Bug 304784] Re: [jaunty] Update bluez-utils to 4.22

Tomasz Dominikowski dominikowski at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 21:18:03 GMT 2008

** Summary changed:

- [jaunty] Update bluez-utils to 4.21
+ [jaunty] Update bluez-utils to 4.22

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: bluez-utils
- Currently jaunty has bluez-utils 4.17, but 4.21 is available with the
+ Currently jaunty has bluez-utils 4.17, but 4.22 is available with the
  following updates:
+ ver 4.22:
+ 	Add deny statements to D-Bus access policy.
+ 	Add support for LegacyPairing property.
+ 	Add support for global properties.
+ 	Add more commands to telephony testing script.
+ 	Add sender checks for serial and network interfaces.
+ 	Remove deprecated methods and signals from input interface.
+ 	Remove deprecated methods and signals from network interface.
+ 	Remove OffMode option and always use device down.
  ver 4.21:
  	Fix adapter initialization logic.
  	Fix adapter setup and start security manager early.
  	Fix usage issue with first_init variable.
  ver 4.20:
  	Cleanup session handling.
  	Cleanup mode setting handling.
  	Fix issue with concurrent audio clients.
  	Fix issue with HFP/HSP suspending.
  	Fix AT result code syntax handling.
  	Add Handsfree support for AT+NREC.
  	Add PairableTimeout adapter property.
  ver 4.19:
  	Fix installation of manual pages for old daemons.
  	Fix D-Bus signal emmissions for CreateDevice.
  	Fix issues with UUID probing.
  	Fix +BSRF syntax issue.
  	Add Pairable adapter property.
  	Add sdp_copy_record() library function.
  ver 4.18:
  	Fix release before close issue with RFCOMM TTYs.
  	Fix Connected property on input interface.
  	Fix DeviceFound signals during initial name resolving.
  	Fix service discovery handling.
  	Fix duplicate UUID detection.
  	Fix SBC gain mismatch and decoding handling.
  	Add more options to SBC encoder and decoder.
  	Add special any adapter object for service interface.
  	Add variable prefix to adapter and device object paths.
  Please update this package.

[jaunty] Update bluez-utils to 4.22
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