apple bluetooth keyboard doesn't work anymore

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at
Tue Apr 29 20:07:55 BST 2008


after buying my new comptuer, i've installed the last 08.04RC and after
some struggling, i've got my apple wireless keyboard to work.

some day it stopped working.

the keyboard still works with other system, even under linux.

i fear that this update has lead to it:

bluez-audio (3.26-0ubuntu5) to 3.26-0ubuntu6
bluez-cups (3.26-0ubuntu5) to 3.26-0ubuntu6
bluez-utils (3.26-0ubuntu5) to 3.26-0ubuntu6

now, i can pair the hardy system with the device and i see the keyboard
trying to connect to the computer. the connecting plug appears, but,
then it goes away again.

every time i press a key i see the plug again.

i don't see any notice in dmesg or on the terminal when launching
bluetooth-properties from the command line.

i can also connect the ubuntu computer with other devices and send
files to them

can anybody help me debug this issue?

thanks in advance!

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