[Bug 175743] Re: Bluetooth Mouse looses connection after some time of inactivity

pug pug at nerd.dk
Mon Apr 28 22:04:32 BST 2008

Apparently this bug consists after 8.04 release....

My bluetooth keyboard was working fine until I upgraded to the release
(from the beta a few weeks ago), since then my bluetooth keyboard has
not been working as it should.

I can pair the keyboard using the bluetooth manager, however nothing
ever shows up in the trusted / paired list... meaning that when the
bluetooth keyboard sleeps it won't autoconnect when it wakes up since
its an untrusted device... GAH!

Seriously, how did they mess up the release and not the beta... weird.

Anyway, what is the command for manually disconnecting them? If there is
such a command... I'm a bit tired of having to vnc into ubuntu using my
laptop just to get my bluetooth working again.... just to have it
disconnect and never work again the first time the keyboard goes to
sleep to save battery... *sighs*

Bluetooth Mouse looses connection after some time of inactivity
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