[Bug 123920] Re: Bluetooth Logitech Dinovo Keyboard/Mouse don't work

leon van der Ree Leon at fun4me.demon.nl
Thu Apr 3 08:28:33 BST 2008

I can add to this, that I did contact Logitech with my previous dinovo
keyboard (the non-bluetooth, non-edge version). This had a mediapad with
lcd-display, but they refused to give any support for Linux.

I don't know if that is changed in the meantime, but at that time I know
I did not was the only one who asked them for support and they where
very stubborn about it.

About the problem. I think it is due to the pairing.

I connected an old wired PS2 keyboard and used it to login at gdm. 
When I was logged in, the bluetooth dongle was still working. 
I could then pair my dinovo keyboard in the bluetooth settings and the keyboard worked flawlessly.
However after I rebooted, and I try to use the keyboard again at gdm it again has the time-out which brakes bluetooth after the first key-press. I think probably because the pairing is done under my account and in gdm I am not logged in yet, so the keyboard cannot pair either, since it would probably use global-account settings for that...
When I would reboot, login at gdm with my wired keyboard, and after login would use my dinovo, this does work.

if I had used my dinovo to login at gdm it would not respond after the first key-touch for a while (I think until the bluetooth drivers times-out) because pairing fails.
At the bios or during grub the keyboard does work immediately, probably since at that time there aren't any bluetooth drivers loaded yet.

Bluetooth Logitech Dinovo Keyboard/Mouse don't work
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