[Bug 146418] Re: connect to bluetooth mouse fails

Jason Kraftcheck kraftche at cae.wisc.edu
Wed Oct 17 16:00:43 BST 2007

pittipatti wrote:
> Actually "Browse Devices" means browsing the contents of a ftpobex-
> device like e.g. a mobile phone.
> For connecting HID-devices follow these steps:
>   1.(a) right-click "Bluetooth-Manager-Applet", select "preferences"
> or
>   1.(b) from "system-menu/settings" chose "bluetooth preferences"
>  2. select "services"
>  3. select "input service"
>  4. press connect-button of your device
>  5. press "add"
>  6. select your device
>  7. press "connect"

Wow.  That's a really confusing interface.  I had assumed that
"preferences" would be behavior changes for the Bluetooth-Manager-Applet,
not settings for all things bluetooth related.  And I never would have
thought to look under "services" to connect to a mouse.  Is there some
technical limitation that prevents the applet from working the way myself
and many others thought it did:  just present a list of detected bluetooth
devices and when told to connect, do the appropriate thing for the type of

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

connect to bluetooth mouse fails
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