[Bug 67704] Re: gnome-phone-manager doesn't connect to phone

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 22:53:01 BST 2007

There's actually lots of bugs represented here.  The primary issue is
that gnome-phone-manager has a truly poor UI when gnokii doesn't support
the hardware, in that everything apparently works, but it always fails
to connect (which is sometimes a regression).  As this is only exposed
when gnokii doesn't support hardware, this bug report tends to collect
reports for each type of phone that gnokii doesn't support.

For those encountering this issue, the workaround is to get gnokii
support for your phone, one way to help with that is to test your phone
with gnokii directly, and report a bug against gnokii with your phone
details if it doesn't work.

If anyone can reproduce this with a phone that gnokii does support, or
can determine  an appropriate hook in gnome-phone-manager to detect that
the phone is present, but not supported, please comment in detail here
to help move towards a final solution.

gnome-phone-manager doesn't connect to phone
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