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Thu Nov 5 22:40:02 GMT 2009

Hmm, I do understand why you would want to have a reply and a reply to all do different things and I agree with it. 

Does anyone know if you can configure a blackberry to let you write underneath the quoted messages? Mine won't actually let me so sorry bout that. Also having to scroll to the bottom of all that text, on a mobile device, is a pita

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Joe Barker wrote:
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>     I prefer having reply to all as default. My blackberry also feels
>     weird if I type below the previous message. Lol, my netiquette sucks
>     Bodsda
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>     David Rubin wrote:
>     > On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 12:18 AM, Samuel Stoddard
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>     >
>     >> I was reading more about mailing list netiquette. Apparently I was
>     >> mistaken about a few key things, I'm currently rewriting the
>     wiki page,
>     >> so for right now... Wiki writer here, disregard that... Anyway,
>     >> apparently "Reply All" is SUPPOSED to be standard issue,
>     because many
>     >> times people who aren't part of the mailing list will
>     participate in a
>     >> conversation, and the mailing list won't send you multiple
>     copies of the
>     >> same messsage... Also, you're supposed to BOTTOM-POST your
>     reply to a
>     >> message... so if you're replying to this, write your reply at
>     the bottom
>     >> of your message, not the top... Anyway, still reading up and
>     writing
>     >> out... Enjoy all, and reply to me so I can post some good
>     screenshots on
>     >> how a mailing list is supposed to work.
>     >>
>     >
>     > Great thanks!! seriously glad we are all learning something from
>     this.
>     >
>     > While I do agree we should be using the reply-to-all button I still
>     > think the default reply to header should be the whole list
>     instead of
>     > a single person that wrote the email.
>     >
>     > ~drubin
>     >
>     >
>     Meh, I disagree, It's actually quite logical. If I want to "Reply" to
>     just you, all I do is click "Reply" and the message is sent
>     straight to
>     you, yet if I want to "Reply To All" All I do is click "Reply to all"
>     Maybe we can bring this up at the next team meeting and vote on it...
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> I agree that bottom posting is generally better, the only problem 
> being that a lot of clients won't minimize quoted text (Gmail's web UI 
> does though), which I think causes some issues. That, and I think 
> Gmail's default text style is rich text, which sucks a bit. Same goes 
> for the iPhone (I *think*).
> That said, I think a combination of the reply to header being set to 
> the mailing list, but still using reply all, would be good. It'd tidy 
> things up a bit, and allow for better searching for those that keep 
> the emails, as you would simply be able to search emails "to: 
> ubuntu-beginners at 
> <mailto:ubuntu-beginners at>".
Like I said, I still like the fact that if you post on the Mailing List, 
I can just click "Reply" to send you a private message and reply to you, 
or just click "Reply To All" to send a post to all members of the 
mailing list. It just seems to make sense...

Sam Stoddard - sblunix at

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