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Wouter Vandenneucker woutervddn at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 10:32:20 UTC 2012

Edit: I was to optimistic, turns out the manual only needs to be in French
and Dutch.. :D

2012/3/10 Wouter Vandenneucker <woutervddn op gmail.com>

> Hi guys
> A while ago I told on the meeting that the company where my father works
> is going to change their hardware. Employees can ask to keep their pc, but
> those that don't go away (most likely almost al of them) are ours to keep.
> We are as a matter of fact the only organization who asked to get some of
> these computers. My initial request was 20 PC's and a couple of Laptops for
> Ubuntu-be, but that was only a target number. The IT guy told us that we
> might even get some more out of it. Although this last fact remains
> uncertain, we can be certain that we'll have some hardware.
> All computers come with 2 TFT screens (according to my dad either 17,4" or
> 19"), the screens are adjustable in height and can rotate to have a
> portrait instead of a landscape setup.
> But there is some good and some bad news to it. The bad news is that there
> is a condition!
> The good news is that the condition is that we need to provide them with
> an Installable Ubuntu USB stick and a user manual (preferably in 4
> Languages). This is because all computers, even those that don't come with
> us, are going to be running Ubuntu when they leave the office. Every
> employee who takes one of those computers will receive a printed manual..
> ;-)
> It didn't look like a bad deal to me. :p
> So I said we could live with that! ;-)
> I'll keep you all posted!
> Latest news I got was that their new servers where slightly delayed and
> the new laptops need to be configured to automatically connect etc.. The
> guy told my dad that he was expecting our first computers to leave
> somewhere in may and the last somewhere in June. (which is worse that the
> initial April estimate but better than the in between August estimate...)
> Kind regards
> Wouter Vandenneucker
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